STACK Pod – Ep 1 – So It Begins

Strange Things Afoot at Circle K – In the first Episode we meet Jim and Jon the hosts of a new podcast about films

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An introduction to the show and the film tastes of Jim & Jon, along with a brief summary of the origins of their friendship. There’s confusion over the meaning of bi-monthly and just how many film series encapsulate both the best and worst of film making. Their love of Aliens is declared upfront. Bill Paxton and Lo Pan are discussed as necessary in every film. Key characters get punched in the face in the new Batman film, so a unique rehabilitation program is conceived. Credibility goes out the window. Tim Burton gets a flow chart. John Cusack goes in the rain, and a CGI Tom Hanks takes a piss. Homework is given to the listeners before the hosts get ahead of themselves.

Key films and players: Indiana Jones. Shia LeBeouf. Star Wars. Godfather. Aliens. Joss Whedon. Shawshank Redemption. Big Trouble in Little China. Bill Paxton. Lo Pan. Superman. Batman & Robin. Christopher Reeve. Christopher Nolan. Bane. Liam Neeson. Tom Hardy. Apollo Creed. Rocky. Katie Holmes. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Tim Burton. Johnny Depp. Helena Bonham-Carter. Alice in Wonderland. Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio. Kevin Bacon. The Raven. John Cusack. Tom Hanks. Devil Wears Prada. Henry Cavill. Kevin Costner.

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  1. Hej JueiuWauuluu… hvor er de luffer fantastiske – jeg mÃ¥ simpelthen igang med dem – bogen kan vist lÃ¥nes hos kollega – de er helt fantastiske kunne ogsÃ¥ godt tænke mig et par selv – mÃ¥ske man kan snige sig i en str. 12??:-)God aftenKh Jette

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