STACK Pod – Ep 4 – The Good, The Bad and The Fugly

In this episode Jim and Jon talk movies coming out in 2012 some good, some bad, one Tim Burton……..

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Sound issues come back from the dead. The upcoming films of 2012 are discussed with (mostly) excitement. A bat gets confused and Catwoman gets a gun. Callbacks are made. The Amish are the new superheroes. Joss Whedon gets criticised on one hand and praised on the other when all that’s needed is an apology. Hudson and Hicks are required to calm a rant or two. Joseph Gordon-Levitt flies under the radar while his career is marvelled over. Jim brings more than Jon and makes him look a fool in the process. SPOILER SPOILERS there’s worries about spoilers and the difference between over excitement and chestbursters. Hollywood runs out of ideas, and is all about the money. Kurt Russell’s name gets dragged through the mud. Milla Jovovich’s name is puzzled over. Remakes are discussed and given the benefit of the doubt. Seth MacFarlane follows Joss Whedon’s lead. Skifle, a tasty pudding, is patented. Roger Moore is the victim of a rant. James Bond emulates Jason Statham. A controversial statement is made over Lord of the Rings leading to yet another rant. Quentin Tarantino is discovered to be a Tim Burton alias.

BONUS FEATURES: Strange Things Afoot at Circle K interviews the indie horror film director Ryan Haysom about his Giallo inspired short, YELLOW.

Key films & players: The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan. Anne Hathaway. Michelle Pfeiffer. The Avengers. Robert Downey Jnr. Iron Man. Thor. Captain America. Joss Whedon. Alien Resurrection. Aliens. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Tim Burton. Looper. Bruce Willis. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Simon Pegg. Fantastic Fear of Everything. Safety Not Guaranteed. Prometheus. Ridley Scott. Alien. Amazing Spiderman. Tobey Maguire. Men in Black 3. Will Smith. Josh Brolin. GI Joe. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Kurt Russell. The Bourne Legacy. Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner. Edward Norton. Milla Jovovich. Total Recall. Judge Dredd. Ted. Seth MacFarlane. Mark Wahlberg. James Bond. Skyfall. Daniel Craig. Sean Connery. Roger Moore. Carry On. Pierce Brosnan. Goldeneye. Casino Royale. Jason Statham. Crank. Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit. George Lucas. Star Wars. Peter Jackson. Quentin Tarantino. Leonardo DiCaprio. Tim Burton. Ron Howard. Rush. Ryan Haysom. YELLOW.