STACK Pod – Ep 6 – Tiger in a Cage

This episode we talk the Man the Myth the Legend that is Nic Cage!!

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The concept of time is pondered. The legendary status of Cage is questioned. Nerds argue over comic book characters… again. The ratio of good to bad Cage films is considered. Key plot details of Face/Off are disclosed. The passing of Cage as an action film character is lamented. Key plot details of It Could Happen to You are disclosed. The ingredients of Gone in 60 Seconds are let down by a carpenter and chairs get threatened. Lots of films are described as gash. Jon is so indifferent to a film series he doesn’t even know that the sequel has come and gone. The film Knowing throws a curveball. Bees are hailed as the ultimate antagonist for thwarting many film heroes. City of Angels is mistaken for a comedy. 8MM is porno-tastic. Cage’s choice of roles is both applauded. The trademarks of Cage are quizzed to Jim. The private life of Cage is scrutinised. Jon names and pitches a film to Jim and the audience with Ryan Haysom linked as director. The many castles (real or otherwise) of Nic Cage are wondered over. The doomed Burton/Smith/Cage Superman gets some airtime. Jon cannot let go of the castles. Appreciation for the listeners manifests itself as shout outs.

Key Films & players: Nicolas Cage, Francis Ford Coppola, Superman, Mortal Kombat, Ghostrider, Batman, The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off, John Malkovich, John Cusack, John Travolta, John Woo, Sean Connery, It Could Happen to You, Bridget Fonda, Rosie Perez, Gone in 60 Seconds, Giovanni Ribisi, Christopher Eccleston, Angelina Jolie, Kick Ass, National Treasure, Bad Lieutenant, Knowing, Lord of War, Jared Leto, The Wicker Man, My Girl, Mark Wahlberg, The Happening, Jason Statham, Killer Elite, City of Angels, Meg Ryan, 8MM, Patricia Arquette, Lisa-Marie Presley, Ryan Haysom, Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, Christian Bale, Adam West,