STACK Pod – Ep 50 – Tim Burton!!!!

Yep we did it, we finally tackled one of our biggest bugbears  we figured that for our half century we’d do something special, why you ask would we talk about someone that we don’t like?? but here on STACK we give everyone their fair due and it isn’t as you’d expect a total bitch fest as we do give him the props he deserves when he deserves them, though we do seem to have figured out where we think he went wrong…….

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One thought on “STACK Pod – Ep 50 – Tim Burton!!!!

  1. Well, I never thought i would utter the following sentence before, and actually, i still can’t believe i’m about to say:
    “I’m not a fan of tim burton… but”

    I’m not a fan of tim Burton, but… I reckon you are being overly harsh on the guy. Here he is, just trying to catch a break. trying his damndest to entertain an otherwise emotionless audience, and you guys come in and kick him in his pathetic little head.
    OK, I did say i wasn’t a fan, right?
    So you guys count 6 good to 10 bad. I’d disagree a bit, by saying both Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd were really entertaining flicks. I don’t care that there is a lot of singing, the songs are really good! So that makes it (for me anyway) 8 on 8.
    And to have produced a film that cracks into your top 25 of all time in Big Fish, that needs a bit more weight than a simple “g”. Together with two brilliant Bat-flicks, I have to say, he is certainly more good than bad. i think the bad is just so bad, it makes you forget the good sometimes. Willy Wonker was nothing short of bizarre!

    So while I’m not saying “leaaave Burton alone” or anything – I mean, he is the master of his own downfall with some of the crap he puts out – I have to concede that actually, after listening to your Pod, Tim Burton is a good film maker – you can quote me on that.

    There you go. Stackpod have changed my views on Burton from one of “oh hes just a knobby cunt who makes jaunty trees”, to one of “Yea, ok. Fair play Tim, I respect you now, and think you are not such a bad guy after all”

    What’s the next episode about?
    Because if it is, seriously, fuck you guys!

    (i love you guys really – keep it up) *smileyface*

    Jon, from the internet

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