STACK Pod – Ep 52 – Cleanin’ Up The Town

This week we get to interview Anthony and Claire the two amazing people behind the exciting documentary ‘Cleanin’ up the town: Remembering Ghostbusters’ everyone needs to check it out right now, just check out the description below and tell us you’re not already sold!!!

Feature length documentary on Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.

Currently filming round the United States, interviewing many of the cast and crew to give the most complete account of how these classic films came to be.

Made in 1984 in the pre digital age when special effects were still evolving, Ghostbusters was an instant classic followed up 5 years later with Ghostbusters 2. These films have sparked the imagination of many, so as well as cast and crew we we’ll be talking to the fans of both old and new to see how the Ghostbusers are still a part of popular culture.

The documentary is now over 5 years in the making and currently 60+ interviewed. So all that’s left to say is ‘coming soon…’

So check out our interview now!!!

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Some tribute pics to late great Harold Ramis

rip-harold-ramis harold-ramis-rip harold_ramis_steven Catch-you-later-Mr.-Ramis.