Its episode 100!!! 100!!!! nearly 4 years in the making we make it to the biggest of all milestones!

*SPOILERS* all the spoilers!!!! This week we talk about and spoil the hell out of Star Wars – The Force Awakens, Jim is way to harsh on everyone and Jon may have a point!

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Is this Anakin or Luke?????? tell us please, so we stop arguing!!!

  • Hi, Jon here, of Stackpod fame. yes, it’s actually me. So, following the recording, I actually came up with some decent arguments on it being Anakin, rather than just name calling. They are :
  1. Anakin could have had white sleeves as part of his robes at some point. You don’t actually see a face so the sleeve proves nothing.
  2. In Empire and ROTJ Luke had synthetic skin on his robot hand, it wasn’t exposed as it is in the picture, whereas Anakin didn’t have any cosmetic surgery.
  3. Luke didn’t have a robotic hand at the same time as having Vader/Anakin’s lightsabre. As all the visions appreared to be linked to the lightsabre’s use it stands to reason that this is actually Anakin and not Luke later on in life.

So, this is definitely better and I stand by my thinking that in the pic below it’s Anakin and not Luke. But I’m happy to be proved wrong. Jim, so far, hasn’t come up with a rebuttal other than Luke’s hand in Force Awakens doesn’t have skin – but I refer again to point 3. Anyway, prove me wrong kids. Ok, bye. Jon xx


Hi Jim here, turns out i was right all along this IS Luke’s hand, it is confirmed in the script that was sent to the screen writers guild!!!! So yay Jim boo Jon, carry on everybody!