Heroes & Villains FanFest London 2017


If you attended Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London last weekend, I can only assume you’re feeling huge post-con blues just like me! 

I’m not a huge con goer but I’ve attended cons such as LFCC and for the last two years went to Rogue Event’s City of Heroes. HVFF was a con like no other I’ve experienced before. 

Despite the soul crushing cancellations of Melissa Benoist and Chris Woods 2 days before the event, HVFF was the most enjoyable experience I’ve had attending an event like this. Yes, we were all really disappointed by those last minute drop outs but I think being there, you didn’t even think about it. They still had huge guests who in person did not disappoint! This for me was the third time meeting Stephen Amell. I still booked photo ops with him and managed to get in quick enough to get a pre order autograph. This guy has to be one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met. He is so humble and warm. You get many celebrities who claim to have so much appreciation for their fans, but last weekend proved just how much Stephen does. The fact that he would not leave until everyone attending who wanted an autograph got one shows what a superstar this guy really is. Stephen Amell alone makes the weekend more than worthwhile for me!

I tried to be quite ruthless this year with who I spent money on, but another must for me was Emily Bett Rickards. I’m a huge Felicity Smoak fan and I really feel Emily doesn’t disappoint in person. She was so friendly, and really took time to talk to each person who was lucky enough to get her autograph. By the way, she’s just pure beauty in person!!!!

Although I’m almost 34 years old, I have the attention span of a 9 year old. I’m gutted I didn’t queue up for John Barrowman and Josh Segarra. People queued for hours and hours for them, but from what I see on social media the both of them were fantastic! I can only hope they will be attending next year! 

If pushed for an answer I would have to say that my favourite guest this year was Milo Ventimiglia. I had met him a few years ago at LFCC which I was extremely excited about as Peter Petrelli was my favourite character in Heroes. I’m an even bigger fan of his since watching This Is Us! Milo was genuinely amazing. He took time out to have proper conversations with each person who went to his desk. I had a great discussion about This Is Us with him, and I think I even managed to get him to promise Jack will always be in it (without posting spoilers, anyone who watches it will know how important this is!!!!!). The best part were the selfies he took on my phone, he’s got a great sense of humour! I will need to meet this guy every time he’s in the UK now.

I managed to sit in on a few panels too. Stephen Amell’s was brilliant, especially as he was interrupted by Emily Bett, Robbie Amell and Josh Segerra who all made the panel even more special by adding their viewpoints and stories. It was great hearing stories about which scenes they enjoyed filming, and which they found really hard. I also find hearing how dedicated Stephen is to the show, how much input he has with it and how he actually scrutinises every scene fantastic. It’s great to know how invested he is in making Arrow. 

I saw Mechad Brooks’ panel which I really really enjoyed. He had great stories from behind the scenes of Supergirl, one of which I don’t think Jeremy Jordan will live down.  The Legends of Tomorrow panel was great with Brandon and Maisie. Was anyone else really shocked to hear that Maisie is English????? The Arrow panel with Emily, Katie and Josh was very interesting too. It was good hearing Katie talk about going from her character dying to being brought back. 

Best panel of the weekend though would have to be John Barrowman. He decided to come on stage in a dress and was just incredible to watch. He even finished off with a sing song which was lots of fun. 

The only downside to the panels was that at times we almost got some insight into the next seasons of these shows, but with the final episodes due to air the week after, the guests were really conscious of giving spoilers.

The staff and volunteers working during the weekend were beyond friendly. I’ve never come across such nice, helpful, accommodating staff at a con. You did a great job guys! Everything was so well organised. From photo ops, to panels and autographs it was so simple and easy to work your way round and have a stress free weekend. I’ve seen people moaning about the stalls they had but I thought they were brilliant. They had a great range of artwork and memorabilia and even if you didn’t buy anything it was nice walking around and looking at it all. It was really nice chatting to other attendees too, everyone was so friendly. Also I have to say I’ve loved interacting with people, reading everyone’s posts about their experience and seeing everyone’s pics on the unofficial Facebook group.

Stephen promised they will be back next year and there is no way I will be missing out, although I may aswell start saving now. I got to meet mostly everyone I wanted to, but there’s still so much I feel I missed out on. There were a few cons happening that weekend and I am so glad I chose this one to go to. More than anything it was just fun, and that’s what its all meant to be about! 

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