Robster Reviews – Game of Thrones – S7 Ep 4



Jaime is on his way home after defeating House Tyrell. Olenna’s revelation is clearly playing on his mind and even Bronn sort of taunts him for being so miserable when they are returning with all this gold. Cersei confirms with Tycho Nestoris that she is able to repay her debts and makes him aware that she intends to take control of the continent and all of its people. He offers the support of the Iron Bank, once he has received his payment. 

Littlefinger hands Bran a dagger made of Valyrian steel which was used by his mother. Littlefinger is working his magic, trying to make a bond with Bran by telling him that he is committed to protecting Catelyn Stark’s children, and that he wishes he could have saved her. Ok maybe we should cut him a break here, his feelings for Catelyn were probably the only genuine thing about him. He tells Bran that he imagines he’s seen things most men wouldn’t believe and looks spooked after Bran denies himself when Littlefinger addresses him as Lord Stark. Meera interrupts their little bonding session to tell Bran that she is leaving to be with her family. I’m not sure if she’s more upset or furious when he agrees that he doesn’t need her anymore. He gives her a half arsed ‘Thank you’ after she lists the people who have died to protect him, including her own brother of course. He tells her that he can remember what it felt like to be Bran, but he remembers so much more now. It’s hard as a viewer to accept that he’s just not Bran Stark anymore and the excitement we have that he’s home in Winterfell and reunited with his family isn’t exactly felt by him.

Arya arrives home to not a very warm welcome, the guards at the gates don’t believe her as she’s supposed to be dead. She’s told to fuck off but is determined to get in one way or another. She tells them how angry Sansa will be to know they turned her sister away and they agree to let her through. It’s a little emotional watching Arya trying to take in her surroundings. She disappears from the guards but Sansa knows exactly where she will be, and finds her in front of Ned’s statue. Do I have to call you Lady Stark now? Arya asks before the two sisters have a much needed hug. Arya complains that the statue of their father looks nothing like him to which Sansa replies that everyone who knew him is now dead. There’s so much for them to catch up on, but Arya begins with how she has caught word that Sansa killed Joffrey. They both laugh over how he was always the first name on Arya’s kill list. They begin to tell each other of their struggles since being separated, and Sansa tells her that Bran is home and how excited Jon will be to see her. I don’t think Jon will be home for a good while now though 😦

They meet Bran under his tree in his newly made wheelchair. Arya hugs him but gets the same frosty greeting Sansa did. He tells Arya of his visions and that he saw her at crossroads and is surprised she hasn’t gone to find Cersei, he is aware of her list. Bran shows his sisters his new dagger which concerns Sansa as she knows Littlefinger wouldn’t give something away unless he was getting something in return. Bran tells them it’s wasted on a cripple and hands it to Arya.

Missandei asks if Daenerys has heard from the Unsullied. Daenerys expects them home soon but picks up on Missandei’s worry and talk turns to Greyworm as she asks what’s happened between them. Missandei just replies ‘many things’ which seems to amuse them both. Their girl time is interrupted by Jon who has something to show Daenerys. He takes her to a cave where she is mesmerised by all the dragon glass he has found. He’s also found some drawings on the cave walls which were drawn by the children of the forest. Daenerys is really taken by these. He points out drawings of the white walkers too and you can see Daenerys is coming round to his requests as he talks about how the children of the forest worked together with the first men to defeat a common enemy. Jon tells her he can’t defeat them without her army and dragons, she agrees to fight for him and the North as long as he bends his knee. She questions if his people’s survival is more important than his pride when he tells her that they won’t accept her.  

Tyrion has received news from Casterly Rock and Daenerys is furious that all of her allies are gone. She accuses Tyrion of perhaps protecting his family and tells him that his strategies have cost them. Enough with the clever plans, I have dragons she  says and questions what kind of Queen she would make if she isn’t prepared to risk her own life. She asks Jon for some some advice and he tells her that people believe in her because she is different, if she uses her dragons in battle she will just the same as the others. 

Back in Winterfell, Brienne is training Podrick. Arya spots them and asks to have a go, Brienne must have worked hard at containing her laughter when the teeny tiny Arya tells her not to worry, she won’t cut her. Arya shows off her skills as Sansa looks on. Sansa looks a little disgruntled at how good her sister is in combat, and Brienne doesn’t go easy on her either. Brienne asks Arya who taught her how to fight like that – to which she replies ‘no one’. Can we take a minute to appreciate how fucking funny that line is!!! I’m still laughing at it now writing this! 

Missandei is getting to know Jon a bit better and questions why he is a Snow and not a Stark. She tells him of how she was freed from slavery and when he suggests she is still a slave now serving Daenerys, she tells him that she trusts her enough to know she can leave at any time. They see a Greyjoy ship in the distance and run down to the shore to find Theon pull up. Theon comes face to face with Jon and it’s pretty awkward. Jon grabs him and tells him the only reason he’s not killing him is because of what he did for Sansa. I’m kind of starting to feel a bit sorry for Theon again now we’ve got passed the whole jumping off a ship, leaving his sister to die thing. Ok, maybe not! Anyway, he’s come to ask Daenerys for help in getting Yara back but is told that she has gone. 

Jaime and his troops are taking a break. He and Bronn commend Dikon on his help in their battle, after laughing at his name. Jaime hears something and they all panic and get into position as they see the Dothraki charging at them from the horizon. Here we go everyone … ANOTHER one of those GoT battle scenes that takes you off guard and absolutely destroys you. As the two army’s begin to battle they hear a screech and we see Daenerys flying towards them on the back of Drogon who arrives and just basically sets fire to everything. EPICNESS!!! Bronn’s horse is attacked and it looks like he is running away until he reveals the same weapon Cersei found in episode 1. He aims a giant arrow towards Drogon and misses. Tyrion is watching what is going on with a couple of Dothraki’s. He actually looks upset when one of them tells him that his people can’t fight. It’s the wrong sibling Daenerys is trying to kill. Bronn takes another shot at the dragon which this time stabs him. He heads to the ground (while still setting shit alight) and Daenerys tries to remove the arrow from his body. Jaime takes his chance and charges at Daenerys with Tyron still watching from afar hoping Jaime will flee. As Jaime comes close to Daenerys her dragon child blasts fire towards him. He’s saved just in time and thrown into the water and with flames above him, Jaime looks like he is floating deeper towards the bottom. And that’s how the episode ends, on a cliffhanger which is so frustrating. 

What an incredible episode! The pace this season is relentless and it’s giving us more than we could have hoped for. Daenerys has clearly taken to Jon Snow and is beginning to believe his stories of the white walkers. She’s made her choice, she’s fighting back and there’s no doubt that she means business now in taking the throne from Cersei. My thought is it’s obviously way to early for Jaime to die so he will be taken by Daenerys and her army where he will continue to build on his relationship with Tyrion. I think he’s going to end up faced with a choice between Tyrion and Cersei and we’ve all heard the prophecy of what will happen there! 


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