Discover Discovery – Episode 6



Sarek’s secret mission! Logic Extremists! and funky disco T-shirts?!

Wow! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more worse for the Federation!
Having to deal with it’s first Mutineer, the war with the Klingons.
And now as we discover in episode 6, cracks developing within the United Federation of planets!
The cracks being in the form of a fanatical element amongst the Vulcans, calling themselves the Logic Extremists.
Holding the view that joining the United Federation of Planets was a failed experiment, and a huge illogical mistake by their Government.

So when Ambassador Sarek leaves on a secret mission, the Logic Extremists strike by sabotaging his ship.
Thus resulting in an explosion, in which leaves Sarek with life threatening injuries.
Stranded in space, unconscious and near death. Michael senses Sarek’s dangerous predicament, so begs Captain Walker’s help in getting to her mentor in time.

Also in this episode….
It introduces Discovery’s new security officer, Ash Tyler.
With the new security officer causing a stir amongst Michael and Tilly,
we sense unspoken hints of possible romance bounce around the dinner table.

And we learn more of the mysterious Captain Walker.
As we get to glimpse behind the steel facade of the Captain. Showing his mental state being somewhat fragile, just like the Federation at present.
But still manages to play the motive cards firmly to his chest.

Remember that the Next Generation had Mr. Barclay, Discovery thankfully has Tilly!
Sylvia Tilly, continues to shine as one of the best and interesting characters on board this new series.
With her determination to succeed over her nervous social awkwardness, and self doubt, just makes her even more a pleasure to watch.
And with her growing friendship with Michael, it offers the perfect counterbalance to Michael’s Vulcan instilled personality.

The special effects this week do need a mention.
The cargo bay and shuttle scenes were top notch, professionally done and kept my imagination firmly in space.
Happily not like past shows that broke the illusion, bringing you back to Earth with a thud in a low budget soundstage.

So suming up. episode 6 was a great show!
Not as action packed as last week’s 5, but very good on character development. I do feel we got to understand Sarek and Captain Walker much better.

And finally,I will leave you this week pondering a question.
Where the hell can I get one of these DISCO-very T-shirts for Christmas?


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