Discover Discovery – The Beginning



When I first heard there was a new Startrek series in development, my expectations of something fresh to the Trek universe was indeed lower than a basement carpet.
And after the last poor film offering of STARTRK BEYOND, I wasn’t holding out much hope for greatness either.
Indeed I was half expecting this new offering to follow in the now tired format of the next generation, and it’s sister shows.
With happy wide eyed crews, plodding thru space, desperately befriending anything of animal, mineral or vegetable that they encounter.
With occasional trips down to the holodeck for a bit of team bonding, whilst sipping tea in an 18th century study.
Thankfully Discovery is not any of the that.
It’s fresh, exciting and brutally shocking at times.
And just when you think you know where the show is heading, it jumps in a new direction leaving you speechless.
Just like Game of Thrones, no one is safe from death.
That’s edge of your seat story telling at it’s best.

Consider that it took the Next Generation the first two seasons to find it’s feet, Discovery nails it in just 3 episodes.
The people involved in Discovery have done a wonderful job of reinventing Startrek.

So what’s it about?
In a nutshell…
Discovery’s story is about the war between the Klingons empire, and the Federation.
And follows the path of the USS SHENZHOU’s first officer, Michael Burnham. Having to deal with the dangers of war, and the consequences of her actions.

The characters are well written and the cast have quickly embraced their roles perfectly to a tee.
But thankfully, perfectly is a word that cannot describe the crews character traits and values.
Because on Startrek Discovery, crew members screw up,hold grudges, and hide dark secrets.
With the hippy written prime directive getting booted out of the air lock to tip the scales of survival in their favour when needed.

So for me, Startrek discovery is a hit and need’s more than one episode to show it’s worth to anyone new to it.

Okay, let’s address the Elephant in the room.

Namely the negative reviews it’s been getting on the web by die hard Trekkies, vowing to boycott the show after only 2 episodes.
I do hold with the notion that everyone is entitled to an opinion and taste is a personal thing.
But I want to pose this question to any of those old die-hard Trekkie fans out there, throwing their Batliffs about in anger.
Why faithfully support and stick with the awfulness of the first two seasons of Next Generation series, waiting for it to blossom (which it finally did in the 3rd season.)
but will not show Discovery any faith beyond 2 episodes?
Most ilogical, as Spock would say,
Because Discovery, by it’s refreshing new take on the Trek universe and high production standards,
is certain to live long and prosper.

So there you have my first review on Discovery.
Eager for more?
Then Klingon tight and set phaser’s for fun, as Stack brings you it’s weekly Startrek Discovery review!


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