Jessie & The Flash – S4 Ep 4


‘Elongated Journey Into Night’

This episode was quite a humerous one and Introducing some great characters. We get to meet Gypsies dad, Breacher… or his actually real name, Josh! A lot less scary!

Breacher maks his prescence be known at quite an inconvenient time for Cisco! He basicly hates Cisco! He Gypsey and Cisco go for drinks at Jitters, where Breacher tells Cisco he has to evade his capture for 24 hours whilehe hunts him down, to prove he is worthy enough for Gypsey. Wouldn’t be a problem, but no powers are allowed! Let the cat and mouse fiasco begin!

The rest of the team  want to try and track down the  identities of the remaining 10 metas from the bus, that we found out about in the previous episode. They learn the bus driver has actually been murdered, so he’s not going to be a whole lot of help! But they do come across the name of a former corrupt CCPD Detective, Ralph Dibny. As soon as Dibney’s name is mentioned,you can tell it rifles Barry up. The two have history and Dibny blames Barry for losing his job as Detective.

Barry and Joe track Dibny down, who is now a private detective. You can feel the tension between Barry and Ralph. He claims he cannot help them.After Barry and Joe leave, Ralph is confronted by two goons (we later find out that they were sent by Mayor Bellows, as Ralph has been blackmailing him with photographic evidence of his adultering ways.) The goons dangle Ralph out of the window, but then the grossest thing happens.. his legs start to stretch…. like really strecth! You all familiar with that toy… Stretch Armstrong?! Well picture that! Barry and Joe rescue Ralph and take him to the lab.

After running a few tests on him, they realise that Ralph’s cells have become elasticated. Caitlin is able to make a serum that can help with this. It is not a cure, but sends his long legs and arms back to normal length for the time being.

Cisco seems to be doing well at evading Breacher, with the help of Wells, who suggests planting a trap.Cisco ends up earning the respect of Breacher, when he realises he would stop at nothing to protect his friends, loved ones and especially Gypsey, but apparently still hates im non the less! I think the interaction between these two characters was great, I hope we see more of Breacher in the future.

Ralph helps Barry capture Mayor Bellows, as he was trying to have Ralph killed.When Speaking to Ralph aloneBarry learns that someone called Devoe gave the orders for keeping tails on the Mayor. The name rings a bell for Barry as he has heard it before, from Salvitar and Kadabra.

Barry can see that Ralp has changed and that he is really a good person. He offers to help him keep on top of his powers and train him. Will we see more of these two working together? I hope so.







Cast  your memory back to the previous episode, when Cecile announced to Joe that she was pregnant… well it turns out that look on Joe’s face turned out to be pure joy! and apparently cracking out cigars at STAR labs is the known language for announcing they are havinga baby! All the team are thrilled!

The episode ends with Caitlin approaching her home, there appears to be a message etched on her door. I am sure we will soon be finding out who left that soon!


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