Discover Discovery – Episode 7


‘Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad’

It’s Groundhog day with the Bee Gees…Again!

It’s all about staying alive this week, literally!
Just as Discovery’s crew get to enjoy a much needed party.
Harry Mudd turns up seeking vengeance and profit.

And before all this plays out, Michael steps out of her Vulcan comfort zone of daily routine, and nervously attends the party in hope of catching the eye of Ash Tyler on the dance floor.

So back to Mudd, armed with the ability to time travel, uses it to steal Discovery’s technology. With every sinister intention of selling it to the highest bidder.
As for poor Captain Lorca,
taking devilish delight in punishing him in many deathly ways
for leaving him behind!

So with Harry on the time hopping warpath, it’s up to Lieutenant Paul Stamets to save the day.
Being the only crew man able to remember previous time lines, (because of his connection to the ships spore drive.)
he enlists the help of Michael to stop Mudd & avert disaster for Discovery.
It’s fun but also moving, seeing Lieutenant Stamets, trying to convince Michael of Mudd’s repetitive 30 minutes destruction of their crew mates.
What with the broad spectrum of emotions of Stamets,
a great performance by Anthony Rapp this week.

Yes we’ve seen time travel plots done before on other Star trek series, but this one’s remarkably fresh viewing, due to its clever script.
The story playing out like a Chess Master trying to outwit Deep Blue.
Ultimately ending with a logical check mate win for Michael & Paul.

Special praise to Rainn Wilson, for his wickedly funny portrayal of Harry Mudd.
Not since John de Lancie’s Q, has anyone made me laugh so much.
With his taunts, sneers and put downs.
I’ll miss Harry, hopefully we’ll get to see him again in the future, or will it be in the past?


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