Robster Reviews – The Walking Dead – S8 Ep 3

The war continues as this episode picks up right where episode 2 ended. Rick finds himself stuck at gunpoint with his blast from the past, Morales. Interestingly, Morales reveals that they aren’t allowed to kill Rick, Maggie or Ezekiel unless they really have to, which leaves you wondering what the hell Negan has planned for them. Rick tries to calm the situation and asks Morales about his family, but they didn’t make it which would explain why we are seeing such a hard faced, unforgiving man. Rick also tells him of their friends who have died – Lori, Andrea, Shane, Glenn … but that doesn’t help either. Morales has gone too deep in Negan-ness to come back and just as things get heated again, Daryl shoots him. While their reunion didn’t last long, this scene was important in reminding us once again how much these characters have changed. Rick is no longer ‘Officer Friendly’ as Morales liked to point out and remembering the Rick that knew characters such as Andrea and Lori really does make you realise how far we’ve come in his story.
Tara, Morgan and Jesus are leading some Saviors back to the Hilltop. Tara is convinced that Maggie will want to kill them too. Morgan is desperate to show off his battle stick skills on them while Jesus continues to try to appeal to his better nature. He points out that there’s a difference between killing and executing, and while they have all had reason to kill in order to protect themselves, he won’t stand by and watch a mass murder. Walkers start rolling down the hills, which looked really fun and then start charging at them. Some of the Saviors escape and Morgan goes after them through the woods. Jesus stops him from killing them again which results in the two of them fighting. This was a great scene! Jesus wants to find a way of peace and Morgan is just gunning for violence. Jesus is just so calm all the time, and even during a fight he shows style and elegance. Morgan ends up storming off declaring that he can’t be a part of what they are doing.
The Saviors who Morales was threatening Rick with turn up but are evidentially no threat to Rick and Daryl who clearly have such a connection that they fight like Siamese twins. The battle is over and this time Rick comes out on top! He takes more photos as the damage is cleared up after the fighting has finished. That’s quite an album he’s making there! There’s some emotional scenes when Aaron returns to a tree he left Eric at to find him gone. As he walks around looking for him, he sees Eric has turned and is joining a group of walkers. Aaron is devastated but is reminded that the person he is watching is no longer Eric. While still remembering this is just a tv show, how difficult must it be to accept someone you love is still out there, but as a zombie!
Gregory makes his way back to The Hilltop but isn’t met with a very warm reception for obvious reasons. Maggie asks why he has Gabriel’s car and demands to know why he was so happy to sell everyone out to Negan. He pleads that he was trying to save their lives like a hero but Kal calls him out on his lying. This little scene was hilarious to watch. Maggie let’s him stay and as he enters the gates,
Jesus arrives with their catch of the day. Gregory tells him they can’t be allowed to come inside the gates, and annoying as it is to admit, he’s right! Jesus continues to make it clear that he won’t allow them to be killed.
Ezekiel and The Kingdom have been very busy aswell as they manage to kill a whole group of Saviors without any of them getting hurt. This week you can see that Ezekiel really admires Carol, and she’s working her way up the ranks and is becoming an integral member of their group. They start celebrating a little too soon though as they are attacked from a nearby building, and the King’s people do their best to protect him.


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