Jessie & The Flash – S4 Ep 5

‘Girls Night Out’

This was a great episode, with alot of girl power and a guest appearance from Felicity. The girls are going out to crelebrate Iris’s bacherolette party. Felicity brings the sparkle and feathers! Caitlin isnt really feeling it, but the girls insist.

The guys are also celebrating with Barry. Cisco hasd planned a low key intimate night in at the West house watching old movies of cute little Barry. However Ralph shows up and has other ideas, and insists that the boys join him on a night out on the town.

The girls meanwhile are enjoying a seemingly quiet meal and drinks, until they are rudely interepted. A guy wlks over and demands that Caitlin goes with him, Felicity hilariously mistakes him for a stripper! however he is a goon working for a former employee of killer Frosts. Caitlin refuses to go and is forced to frost up to protectherself and her friends.

The guys are oblivious to what is happening with the girls, as they are now in a strip club. As we are all aware,Barry can’t get drunk on normal alcohol, no how matter how much he drinks’ so Cisco has concocted a little something something to do something about that! Drunk Barry was beyond hilarious! I reckon he would be a very fun guy to hang with! Professing his lovefor chicken wings and telling the whold bar that he is the flash! But the guys don’t really play a huge part in this episode…. so back to the ladies.

Cecile, Felicity, Iris and Caitlin are back at the lab. But Caitlin has already gone all out Killer Frost. She tracks down her former boss, Amunet Black, played by the brilliant Katee Sackoff. (I have loved Katee ever since BSG, but wow she looked unrecognisable for this character) They have a faceoff, of course the Team Flash girls come to help Frost.  There is a point when Frost is about to kill Amunet, but Iris manages to talk her down, proving that she has the power within herself to do the right thing. Think there is room elsewhere down the line for Amunet to reappear, and if she does what does that mean for Frost?!

Overall I thought this was a great fun episode focusing on the girls, but of course it ended with the season’s real bad guy…. The Thinker/Devoe taunting one of the meta’s the team created from the bus. It always comes back to him!


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