Discover Discovery – Episode 8

‘Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.’


It’s straight back into battle for Captain Lorca and his crew this week, as Discovery jumps to the aid of a stricken Federation ship.
Under heavy Klingon attack from multiple warships, Discovery tries in vain to save their Federation colleagues.

Also Tilly takes the brunt of Stamet’s increasingly erratic behaviour (caused by his connection to the spore drive).
Sylvia shows us she’s no push over by confronting Stamet, and so learns he’s caught in a no win situation.
The situation being of the dire consequences of disclosing the side affects to his partner, the ships Doctor.
And to add to his woes, the massive setback it will have on the Federation’s war effort!

Also, Micheal, Saru and Ash are ‘away teamed’ together on the planet Pahvo.
Investigating the possibility of using the forest planet’s naturally emitting sound waves, to detect cloaked Klingon warships.
Things take an expected sour turn,
as Saru instigates the first contact protocol with Pahvo’s indigenous life forms.
The mental connection unhinges Saru to such a degree, that he sabotages their mission.
Under the delusion that if they remain on the planet indefinitely, they can live in harmonious tranquil peace.
We finally get to see a darker brutal side of Saru, along with the advanced athletic capabilities of his species.

Plus we discover the fate of Admiral Cornwell.
Last we saw of the Admiral, she was taken captive and her colleagues slain by the Klingons.
So could her only hope of escaping the clutches of Kol be by trusting L’Rell?

Episode 8 end’s on a cliffhanger folks!
with the impending confrontation between Discovery, and Kol’s mighty Klingon battleship!

From the opening scenes, we are treated to a special effects space spectacular, dodge and shoot fight!
Top quality CGI, equal to any big budget movie out this year.
I found the cinematography of the blues and reds of the planet Pahvo, exceptionally beautiful.
Along with the developing relationship between Michael and Ash, done in a slow old fashioned way.
We are now onto episode 9 of the first season, and the high quality of storytelling & performances are already established.
With firm foundations for the second half of the season.
Roll on episode 9!
And good luck Captain Lorca!
Shields up!


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