Robster Reviews – The Walking Dead – S8 Ep 4

‘ Some Guy’
Erm … well this episode was crushing! Episode 4 gave us huge insight into Ezekiel as we get to know more about the man behind the tiger. Starting off with a flashback, we see him preparing to leave The Kingdom before the all out war begins. He addresses his people as normal and is a beacon of hope. Sometimes I have no clue what the hell he’s talking about but find myself smiling and nodding because he’s so god damn positive. ‘WE ARE ONE’ he chants at them before heading off. Another flashback later on in the episode shows him walking with Carol. He tells her of his life before the outbreak, and how he was a zoo keeper. He’s left that old life behind and tells her he’s ready to become what he needs to be … a hero! He asks Carol if she has always been this strong and brave or if it’s something she had to choose? I think this is what makes Carol the fantastic character she is. Yes she’s chosen to be this way. In the beginning she was weak, meek and controlled by her abusive husband and the death of her daughter, Sophia, all the way back in Season 2 literally left her with nothing. While she stills has a vulnerability about her, she’s quite possibly the toughest character on the show. She does what needs to be done.
Back to present day, there’s blood and guts everywhere after the attack at the end of the previous episode. Ezekiel reaches through the pile of dead bodies on top of him and as he takes in his surroundings, realises that he’s very lucky to be alive. His friends start turning and as he tries to get away he’s captured by a Savior. After a brief moment of panic about where she went, we see Carol has entered the building the shots came from. After shooting at some of them, she finds herself taking shelter behind a truck being shot at by another set of Saviors. Ezekiel is being taken back to The Sanctuary and is picked apart by his capturer ‘take away the tiger and you’re left with a meaningless con man in a costume’ he’s told. He actually seems to be braking. The increasing amount of walkers start to get the better of Ezekiel and his new pal, and just before Ezekiel is killed as the Savior goes into a panic, Gerry shows up and splits the Savior in two right down the middle. Amazing. Gerry is bloody amazing! In the face of certain death, he shows complete and utter loyalty to his King, even when told not to by Ezekiel himself. Gerry tries to break through a fence blocking their escape but just can’t manage it, he starts to say his goodbyes as the pair begin to fight off the walkers as best they can.
Carol spots them in the distance as she tries to negotiate a deal with the Saviors she’s with, for their guns. Part of me thought she might not come to Ezekiel’s aid. She’s never really seemed overly keen on him, and she didn’t actually want to be a part of his group. She does though. She lets the Saviors get away in favour of saving her friends. However, her face lights up when she hears Daryl’s bike in the distance. Daryl and Rick chase the Saviors and again give us an absolutely brilliant scene. It’s like they each know what the other is thinking and nothing can stop the pair of them. They get the guns!!!
Carol Ezekiel and Gerry are trying to get home but still have a heard of walkers after them. Ezekiel has given up. He tells the others to go as he’s prepared to stay and fight till the death. Gerry refuses to leave his King. ‘NO IM NOT’ he shouts back. It’s not real, they’re real he says pointing at the zombies, I’m just some guy. It was actually really sad to see just how broken this man has become. Up until now he’s always been successful and while I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a fraud, he’s been lucky to have people around him happy to blindly follow what he says. Just when it looks like all is lost, Shiva roars in and starts to fight off the walkers. Ezekiel is forced to leave her as the fight gets too much and she ends up eaten by the undead. What if there’s a GoT style twist and she comes back as a walker!!!!
Jokes aside, it was really sad to see this happen to Shiva, and her death has to go down as one of the most hard hitting of all.
They make it home to The Kingdom by the end of the episode. People gather to welcome them, but Ezekiel has no words for them. Will he be able to come back from this?
This was my favourite episode so far this season, and it looks like it’s only going to get better as we find out what’s happened to Father Gabriel next week!

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