It’s safe to say that Jessica Jones was a huge success when it was released in 2015 (which seems forever ago). I had high expectations for Season 2 and I’m pleased to say that apart from a bit of a slow start, I wasn’t left disappointed.
The storyline revolves around Jessica revisiting her past in seeking answers as to why she was given her special powers. She’s joined in her quest by her sister, Trish who has ulterior motives and eventually comes face to face with her Mother, Alisa, who is supposed to be dead. As you’d expect Jessica’s relationship with her Mum is complicated and without giving away too many spoilers, there’s many ups and downs to their journey throughout the season. Janet McTeer joins the cast to play Alisa and while I enjoyed the character due to her having as many layers as the metaphorical onion, I found McTeer quite meh at times and was willing Jessica to beat the living shit out of her on many occasions.
Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker) was great this season. We got some back story which really gave more context to her troubled relationship with her Mother, aswell as the complexity of her relationship with Jessica. Trish battles her own demons and insecurities which ends up taking her to a very dark place. You could say she’s on a mission of self destruction and there’s a huge difference between Trish in episode 1 and the Trish by the end of the season. Her story and scenes were a highlight for me and I’m eager to see what she does next.
Eka Darville returned as Jessica’s right hand man, William who is continuously fired and rehired while he helps her with the PI business. William was a great character in Season 1 and that continues through this too. He’s in a good place and when people around him are crumbling and falling to pieces, William has found strength and determination and by the end of the season he makes some difficult choices which changes his direction. There are developments in the relationship between Trish and William as they are brought together due to their mutual need to keep Jessica safe. I enjoyed this!
Carrie-Ann Moss (Jeri Hogarth) had already established a strong, powerful character in Jessica Jones and from appearances in some of the other Marvel series’. Carrie-Ann was incredible this season and took us through a great character arch. Jeri is diagnosed with ALS syndrome and she too takes a path of self destruction by pissing off her co-workers and participating in orgies as she struggles to comes to terms with her fate. She allows herself to become vulnerable but when she’s taken advantage of she comes back fighting, stronger and bitchier than before. I need her to crossover to more Marvel shows!
Some other mentions have to go to newcomers Terry Chen (Pryce Cheng) who stirs things up but was criminally underused, J.R Ramirez (Oscar Arocho) who makes a big impression on Jessica, Callum Keith Rennie (Dr. Karl) for being fabulously creepy and Jay Klaitz (Whizzer) just because he was a fantastic character.
Lastly, we have Krysten Ritter herself. Krysten is just as fantastically mesmoring and addictive as she was in the first season. She had a chance here to show many different sides to Jessica which was great to see. We got more history of the character which allowed us to have more understanding towards her behaviour, addictions and personality traits. Jessica’s demons have a massive impact on her day to day life and almost dictate every decision she makes. A special appearance from David Tennant as Kilgrave in episode 11 shows exactly that. She battles between using her powers for good and evil and we see how quickly she can go between the two. One really nice thing to see was the softer side to Jessica, which we got thanks to her interactions with Alisa and Oscar.
Overall, Jessica Jones Season 2 was a success. I have read comments about how the story would have worked better for Season 1 but I disagree. It worked brilliantly to see how her past and future collide and completely throw her into a frenzy. The general feeling is that these series could benefit from having one or two less episodes per season, but I actually didn’t really feel like there were any filler episodes with Jessica Jones. I enjoyed each and every one. The cast is very strong, and with all the character progression throughout this season I definitely found myself craving more when I got to the end!