STACK Pod – Ep 114 – Martha??

This week we talk Ghostbusters, Batman V Superman Ultimate Extended Directors Special SuperBat Edition and then all the exciting news from SDCC, so Wonder Woman, Justice League, Flash, Arrow….you know all the good stuff!

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Wonder Woman Trailer

Justice League Photo


Justice League Comicc-Con Footage

Flash – Season 3 Trailer

Arrow – Season 5 Trailer

Suicide Squad Trailer

Dr Strange Trailer

STACK Pod – Ep 106 – Batman V Superman

Its all up there in the title this week we discuss Batman V Superman *SPOILERS* and Jim does a very silly thing on the internet, silly Jim.

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Jim’s foolish picture tweet!!





STACK Pod – Ep 102 – Sweet Billy P

This week we start with confusion over what ep this is, follow that
with DC tv discussions, continue with films coming out this year and
finish by letting go of a hero!

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STACK Pod – Ep 63 – SDCC 2014 Round -Up

This week we talk all things new from San Diego Comicon 2014, or what we have come to dub Marvel Vs DC 2K14!

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The fun stuff from SDCC

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman


Dc Trinity all together


Mad Max Fury Road Trailer

Arrow Season 3 Trailer

Tusk Trailer

Adam Savage’s Epic Alien cosplay

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Trailer

Go here and check out the toy exclusives from SDCC

STACK Pod – Ep 50 – Tim Burton!!!!

Yep we did it, we finally tackled one of our biggest bugbears  we figured that for our half century we’d do something special, why you ask would we talk about someone that we don’t like?? but here on STACK we give everyone their fair due and it isn’t as you’d expect a total bitch fest as we do give him the props he deserves when he deserves them, though we do seem to have figured out where we think he went wrong…….

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Beetlejuice Trailer